Residency Consultation

Are you in the midst of developing a residency, or do you dream of starting one?

Hosting creatives is a radical, generous, and fun undertaking and can take many forms, from transforming a spare bedroom to developing a larger property or partnering with an existing cultural space. I’d love to help your residency dreams come true. 

As part of Piney Wood Atlas, I have visited over 70 residencies of all kinds, specializing in the small, unconventional, and scrappy. I am also Vice President of the Board of Elsewhere Studios, a small non profit artist residency in rural Colorado. I’ve seen so many residencies in various stages of existence, from planning to established, and everything in between. I am happy to share this information with folks who are just starting out.  

I’m offering a flexibly structured, sliding-scale consultation service. Rates can be based on an hourly or flat-rate framework, depending on the project. 

Email me with your ideas, or to set up a free 10-minute call to explore options for residency consultation. 

*Work with Piney Wood Atlas

The Dream Team! We collaborate so well together that we can make more than twice the magic with our collective minds. 

The other half of PWA, Carolina Porras Monroy has worked as Director and Program Manager of Elsewhere Studios, and is currently employed as
Residency Manager for the Studios at Mass MoCA.

-Virtual consultation: Ask us questions, brainstorm with us over a video call.
-We can also do research for you or give a presentation.
-Work for an organization you think should have a residency? Let us create a proposal for you.

*Residency Piloting

Invite me to your budding residency.

With residency piloting, I am in residence for ~1 week. My role is to provide development support and feedback while also experiencing the residency as an artist-in-residence will. Illustration commissions can be included.

Residencies I have piloted: Sawbill Surf Club and Social Studies Residency

*Virtual Consultation

Any combination of research and conversation, 1 hour minimum
Let’s use technology to connect from afar!

*Workshop / Application Review

For artists who want the inside scoop on what residencies are looking for. I have done one-on-one sessions with artists as well as group workshops & presentations for places such as The Ruby and Portland State University
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