Piney Wood Atlas

Piney Wood Atlas is a collaboration between Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras. We are two artists who visit and catalogue small, unconventional, and emerging artist residencies across the country (so far we have visited over 70.) Our project is an ongoing process that continually contributes to a multimedia tour log of our travels and findings, and helps connect the dots between artists and artist residencies. Our resource is for artists of all kinds, anyone who wants to open a residency, and those who are curious about the world of artist residencies.

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Residency consulting available

Residency Piloting & Consultation

I’ve seen so many residencies in various stages of existence, from planning stages to established, and everything in between. I am happy to share this information with folks who are just starting out. 

With residency piloting, I am in residence for 1 week. My role is to provide development support and feedback while also experiencing the residency as an artist will. 

Here are a few spaces I have worked with:

Sawbill Surf Club - pilot residency
Social Studies - pilot residency
Duluth Art Institute - residency consultation

Interested? See my  offerings page.

Workshops & Tutoring

A brief selection of past workshops:

-How to be a Good Visitor (with Kelly Gregory) - Blue Sky Center training for Americorps VISTAs: creating mind maps as a visual representation of interacting with one’s place

-Artist Residencies for Creative Thinkers and Makers of All Kinds  - The Ruby, San Francisco:  what are residencies & how to apply to them

-Hapazome/flower pounding workshop for kids and adults - Paonia Town Park

-One-on-one spoon carving lessons (for $ or trade)

Interested? See my offerings page.

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